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Water Supply & Sanitation-Kenya

Project Details

Feasibility study for the water supply and sanitation in seven towns

Country: Kenya

Funding Agency:

The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

Name & Address of Client:

Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Nairobi

P.O. Box 49720, NAIROBI, KENYA.

Tel. 2716103 Ext. 42303, Fax. 2727622

Start Date: October, 2007

Completion Date:  June, 2010

Status: Completed


Wanjohi Consulting Engineers, Kenya

Professional Staff Provided:  12

No. of Staff-Months: 46

Value of Consultancy Contract:

US$ 395,000.00

Estimated Cost of Construction:

US$ 25,000,000.00

Narrative Description of Project:

The technical and economic feasibility study for the provision of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation project for Seven Towns for the rehabilitation and modernization of the sanitation network and treatment of used water for utilization for agricultural purposes and to meet the requirements for drinking water of the seven towns until the year 2025.

The implementation of the project will also reduce the epidemic diseases resulting from the use of untreated water and the pollution of underground water. The project will improve the social and health standards of the population and increase the productivity of the citizen, reduce the costs of health care, and reduce poverty.

Description of Actual Services Provided:

Feasibility Study including Technical, Economic, Social and Environmental Studies With the aim of providing and developing water and sanitation resources.