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Matotoka-Sefadu Road (Yiye-Sefadu Sec.)-Sierra Leone

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Project Detailsx

The Construction of Matotoka-Sefadu Road Rehabilitation Project,
Section Ii:

Country: Sierra Leone

Funding Agency:

The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development  (KFAED)

Name & Address of Client: 

Sierra Leone Roads Author`ity, Freetown

Fax:  +232 22222346

Start Date: May, 2015

Completion Date: June, 2017

Status: Completed.


  1. Hamza Associates, Egypt
  2. 2.Techsult & Company Limited Consulting Engineers,Sierra Leon.

Professional Staff Provided:  17

No. of Staff-Months: 334

Value of Consultancy Contract:

US$ 1,057,650.00

Estimated Cost of Construction:

US$ 68,000,000.00

Project Overviewx

The Matotoka to Sefadu Road (120 km) is a strategic road link connecting the administrative districts of Tonkolili and Kono in Sierra Leone. The road, which is presently in poor condition, was

constructed about 40 years ago to bituminous standards. The condition of the road has deteriorated over the years to its current condition, thus rehabilitation is now to be undertaken. Section I of the project, which is 70Km from Matotoka to Yiye, is funded by the African Development Bank. This

Project addresses the condition of the 50 Km section between Yiye – Sefadu, referred to as Section II.

The road rehabilitation works also include the rehabilitation of 9No. Existing bridge structures at various locations along the Project road and the construction of two new bridges within Sefadu. The road rehabilitation is expected to provide benefits to the communities served by the road by enabling improved access to economic opportunities and social services. The road users are also expected to benefit from lower vehicle operating costs, time savings, and improved road safety, as well as improved levels of comfort.

Description of Actual Services Provided:

1) Revision of detailed design and tender documents

2) Bids offer evaluation

3) Construction supervision.