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Maputo Roads Project-Mozambique

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Project Detailsx

Rehabilitation of Maputo Roads Project

Country: Mozambique

Funding Agency:

(1) Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

(2) OFID/OPEC Fund

Name & Address of Client: 

Conselho Municipal de Maputo

Av. De Angola / Joaquim Chissano 324/115

Maputo, Mozambique

Start Date: October, 2005

Completion Date: September, 2008

Status: Completed


1)Tecnica (Mozambique)

2)UWP (South Africa)

Professional Staff Provided:  12

No. of Staff-Months: 111

Value of Consultancy Contract:

US$ 1,460,000.00

Estimated Cost of Construction:

US$ 22,000,000.00

Project Overviewx

The road project (42.5 km long) will cover part the internal road network in Maputo, and consists of civil works and its ancillaries for the rehabilitation of pavements, rain drainage structures, and institutional support, in addition to consultancy services.

The total road length in Maputo City is 830 km, of which some 190 km (23%) are paved, leaving a total of 77% of unpaved roads. Almost all the existing District 1 urban roads are paved while most streets in the remaining districts (2 to 5) remain unpaved.

Rehabilitation and enlargement of part of the roads, as well as constructing a new asphalt road

Description of Actual Services Provided:

1) Design study

2) Preparation of bidding documents

3) Preparation of cost of developing the roads and cost of the new roads

4) Construction supervision