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DAMANE Insurance Company Headquarters in Nouakchott- Mauritania

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Project Details

Construction of DAMANE Insurance Company Headquarters in Nouakchott, Mauritania

Country: Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Location within Country:

Nouakchott – The site is located in the city center, in the area commonly called “red zone blocks Nouakchott.” It is adjacent to Avenue Jamal Abdel Nasser (North).

Funding Agency:
National company industrial and mining (SNIM)

Name & Address of Client:

DAMAN Insurance islet B # 26
Zeina Tevragh-BP 5080 Nouakchott – Mauritania

Tel / Fax: (222) 45 25 25 08.

Start Date: January, 2014

Completion Date:  August, 2017

Status: Completed

1) Hamza Associates – (HA) – Egypt
2) SET ENGINEERING – Mauritania

Professional Staff Provided: 4
Number of Staff-months: 62

Value of the consulting contract:

US$  1,941,000.00

Estimated cost of construction:

US$  12,500,000,00

Narrative Description of Project:

The building consist of:

1) Basement: for parking and technical rooms,

2) Ground floor: Reception, supermarket and agencies (Banks / Insurance) –

3) 1st Floor: Mall and agencies (Banks / Insurance)
4) 2nd Floor: Restaurant, Administration building, mini-conference center

5) 3rd to 5th Floor: Platforms offices

6) 6th to 8th Floor Premises for seat DAMANE Insurance

Description of Actual Services Provided:

1) Design Revision

2) Constructions Supervision