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Cyrnos Crossroads–Crossroads (Route des Niayes)-Senegal

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Project Detailsx

Feasibility Study of Cyrnos Crossroads – Crossroads Seven Up” (Route des Niayes)

Country: Senegal

Funding Agency:

The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development


Name & Address of Client:

Agence Autonome des Travaux Routier

69 Rue Flix Faure

B.P. 25242 Dakar

Tel: 002218690751  –   Email: [email protected]

Start Date: May, 2007

Completion Date: July, 2008

Status: Completed


Bureau D’Etudes Techniques Et Generales (BETEG), Senegal

Professional Staff Provided: 7

No. of Staff-Months: 18

Value of Consultancy Contract:

US$ 550,000.00

Estimated Cost of Construction:

US$ 20,000,000.00

Project Overviewx

Conduct feasibility study and design studies for the rehabilitation / construction of asphalt road 46 km long in Dakar City. Technical and Economic Feasibility Study includes:

  • Technical and Economical Study
  • Traffic Analysis Study
  • Environmental Study
  • Conceptual design study
  • Preparation of Tender Documents

Description of Actual Services Provided:

1) Technical and Economic Feasibility Study.